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For over 30 years, we have been the electronics and software partner of choice for many clients in the automotive, energy, scientific and aerospace industries.

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At Timestar our focus is on our speed of development. Our agile and responsive experts are on hand and ready to help your business when you’re up against the clock.

Limpet Technology awarded Timestar the initial software development contract when the Limpet Height Safety System was still at the proof of concept stage.  But as we continued, over several years, to enhance the product with a succession of exciting new features and adapt it for new application areas, Timestar continued to deliver robust software in accordance with our specifications, and compliant with the relevant safety standards, whilst also providing creative input and technical support as and when required.

We were delighted with the relationship and were impressed by the rigour and quality of the work shown by the team at Timestar

Stephen Cornwallis
Director, Limpet Technology Ltd

Timestar designed, from the ground up, a “proof of concept” demonstrator for a new product we were developing.  This involved integrating novel technology, and delivering a complete working prototype (hardware and firmware) with an associated PC App and a Bluetooth interface to a Smartphone App.  They completed the project in a timely manner and met all of our expectations

Paul Whitfield
Design Manager, Rocket Medical PLC

Timestar picked up a project from the concept stage and developed it into a shippable product. This was a complex ASIC-related embedded micro architecture. Timestar’s engineer became the internal expert on this, helping out other software people, hardware designers and test staff

Gary Osborne
VP Engineering, Pyreos Ltd

Timestar has successfully delivered both large and small projects for Ilika. They delivered a complex Windows GUI which managed the setup, control and visualisation of electrochemical experiments, via an external hardware unit. But they were equally at home jumping into an existing project involving LORA and ultra low power microcontroller operation, providing timely assistance with software development at a critical stage.

We’ve always been 100% satisfied with Timestar’s responsiveness and quality of work

Chris Newman
Senior Technology Developer, Ilika Technologies Ltd

Timestar Developments is a UK-based company specialising in the rapid design and development of customer-specific, bespoke hardware and software solutions.

We have a proven track record of over 30 years, working with an impressive customer list including major UK and multinational organisations. Our responsive team means we are able to take on projects of all shapes and sizes.

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